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OML - Open Music Library

Open Music Library is a project from Alexander Street Press that aims to build an open network of digital resources for the study of music.
"Curated by a community of music scholars, students, teachers and librarians, the Open Music Library brings together peer-reviewed journal articles, books and music scores from the world’s digital collections."

What's inside:
192,000+ people202,000+ scores4,000+ videos1,015,300+ journal articles.Not all the records are freely accessible, but it's possible to select only open access document.

Recent posts

Unpaywall: a new tool for OA papers

The team of Impactstory, an open-source website that helps researchers in sharing their works, developped a new tool: Unpaywall.
What is Unpaywall and how it works Unpaywall is a browser add-on (for Chrome and Firefox) that searches for available fulltext versions of academic articles in the web... legally! In fact Unpaywall PDFs legally uploaded by the authors themselves.
Once in an article page, an icon with a lock will appear on your screen: the lock is gold when you find journal-hosted content with an Open license (example)the lock is green when you find fulltext from an institutional repository or preprint server (example)the lock is blue when the article is available in the current page, but lacking license information (often often that's because you're browsing from behind the paywall)finally, the lock is grey and closed when there are no available fulltext version to download.
We absolute recommend to install the add-on because we know how can be unpleasant having to stop y…

Giornata della Memoria, 2017

Questa settimana ricorrerà il Giorno della Momoria (27 Gennaio), ricorrenza internazionale istituita per commemorare le vittime dell'Olocausto.

Per l'occasione, la Biblioteca propone alcune letture dalla sua collezione.

Trovate una scelta di libri cartacei negli espositori. In più, consigliamo anche i seguenti ebook:

Trovate moltissimi altri ebooks all'interno della nostra collezione Ebook Central.
Tutti i libri elettronici disponibili in collezione possono essere letti online da qualsiasi PC connesso alla rete IMT. Per maggiori informazioni sulla lettura offline, chiedete al personale della Biblioteca.

New ebook collection: Oxford Scholarship Online - Neuroscience

IMT Library subscribed for year 2017 to a new ebook collection: Oxford Scholarship Online - Neuroscience.
The collection offers access to about 160 ebooks in Neuroscience, edited by Oxford University Press. 

You can find the access to the collection in our Databases page at:

You can also search for book titles in our catalogue ( in the section "Search in publications".
The fulltext of ebooks is available from every PC connected to IMT network or from outside campus by following our remote access instructions (only for institutional users).
Please contact the Library for any further information!
Enjoy your new ebooks!

The Labyrinth: resources for medieval studies

Sponsored by the University of Georgetown, "The Labyrinth" provides access to free resources on medieval studies, offering connections to databases, services, texts and images around the world. 

News source:Pesquisa Mundi

Artists' issues / Questioni da artisti

I Qualche tempo fa mi è capitato fra le mani un articolo riguardante la creazione di un nuovo pigmento, il Vantblack, a quanto pare il pigmento più nero mai creato, che ha la capacità di assorbire la luce al 99,96%. La notizia mi sembrò molto interessante, ma lo fu ancora di più quando lessi che l'artista britannico Anish Kapoor ottenne l'esclusiva sull'utilizzo del Vantablack, suscitando forti polemiche nel mondo dell'arte contemporanea. L'artista Stuart Semple risponde alla provocazione mettendo in commercio il "suo" rosa PINK.
Some months ago I read an article about the creation of a new pigment, Vantablack, apparently the blackest pigment ever created, which has the ability to absorb light at 99,96 %. I found the news very interesting, but it was even more interesting to know that the British artist Anish Kapoor obtained the exclusive use of the pigment, arousing strong controversy between artists. The artist Stuart Semple replies to the provocation by comm…

New platform for ebooks

As announced, ProQuest launched yesterday the new access platform to its ebook collection Ebook Central(formerly "ebrary Academic Complete")

The platform is completely restyled with a user-centered design that will improve ebook research.

Click here to read or download a starting guide.  Or take a look at these training tutorial on Youtube.
If you need further assistance, please contact us in the Library!